First Friday Downtown - Steak Restaurant in New Middletown, OH
Every first Friday of the Month Downtown Las Vegas celebrates the city’s Arts Community. This event has been held every first Friday of the month for the past 12 years. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening or a little excitement, you’ll be able to find it downtown on the first Friday of the month. Food trucks galore, plenty of live music, and art to admire or purchase. Come stop by the Hitchin' Post Saloon and Steakhouse on your way downtown or finish your evening at our steakhouse for a wonderful dinner.

· January 2nd 2015

· February 6th 2015

· March 6th 2015

· April 3rd 2015

· May 1st 2015

· June 5th 2015

· July 3rd 2015

· August 7th 2015

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